Dean Winters interview: People Magazine


Whether battling bullies in high school or audition angst in Hollywood, actors Dean Winters, 35, and brother Scott, 34, never go it alone. If you got one of us, you got both of us, declares Dean. So their ongoing incarceration as the O'Reily brothers in HBO's critically lauded prison drama Oz is pretty ideal, says Scott.

And while the native New Yorkers, both of whom are single, also work apart - Dean, who lives in Manhattan, moonlights at NBC's Law & Order: Special Victims Unit; Scott, who lives in Three Rivers, Calif., is taping a UPN series to be called The Beat - they still watch each others backs. Says Dean: "I wouldn't want to be in this business alone."

Dean: Growing up, I was a year and two weeks older, but Scott was the levelheaded one. I tend to leap before I look. He tends to be more cerebral and has this inner stillness that I wish I had. Hes like the Dalai Lama.
Scott: I envy his courage. And people love to be around him because he's a great personality. I've never had a female friend he hasn't gotten along famously with.
Dean: If I was a woman, I'd think Scott was sexy, definitely. He has a way about him that is kind of soft, a Barry White thing.
Scott: Barry White? Put another log on the fire. Dean was the cool one growing up.
Dean: We both started dating when we were in junior high. I'd date a girl two or three months.
Scott: I was a long-termer. I'd have girlfriends for a couple of years.
Dean: The only time we dated the same woman was when I was 14. I was dating Jenny Smith, and then we broke up, and Scott took her to the prom.
Scott: Did I? Man... no class!

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