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This page is dedicated to a very talented & charismatic actor

You might remember him from the HBO's legendary prison series "Oz" or the popular drama series "Rescue Me" - a story about a bunch of charismatic fire fighters struggling through their personal lives and relationships, as well as their work in a post-9/11 world.

Winters also played Detective Brian Cassidy on NBC's "Law & Order: SVU", and had guest-starring roles in "CSI: Miami," "Sex and the City," "Third Watch," "Twilight Zone," "Millennium," "New York Undercover," "NYPD Blue," and "Homicide: Life on the Street."

Some of Winters' film projects include "Bristol Boys," "Hellraiser: Hellseeker," "Conspiracy Theory," and the upcoming love story "P.S., I Love You" with Gerard Butler and Hilary Swank.

More information on Dean's work can be found on IMDB - this site will mostly be about photos & interviews, the fun stuff all the Dean fans crave for!

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So basicly.. this site is about Dean Winters interviews, photos, pictures, screen captures, info, fans, links! Everything :)


Sonya said...

Thanks a lot for your efforts. Unfortunately, we don't see much info on Mr. Winters these days, and your site is really helpful with all these photos and interviews. Thanks!

Dean Winters said...

Hey, good thing you like it :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dean I remember you were a friend of Jason Byrds in Wesport! Casie

Anonymous said...

Hi there Dean
I knew you in Ct! Casie